Every donor to Samskriya Foundation makes a positive difference to the quality of a child’s education and life.

We do not receive any Government funding for our work.

Yes, we work in Government schools with the official approval of the concerned Government departments.

Yes, all donations to Samskriya Foundation made in India are exempt from tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Yes, we have formal approval from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to accept CSR funds.

No, we do not accept cash donations at all. Donations can be made either by cheque or online transfers.

We do rigorous budget planning on quarterly and annual basis and have robust reporting systems.

We send regular bi-annual reports on the academic improvement of our student beneficiaries.

All full time employees are paid for their work, resulting in a standard quality of teaching. We also welcome volunteers who support us with their service.

Donations once made cannot be refunded, since the funds are utilised according to the budgetary plan made at the beginning of each year.